Our Quality

At Beneoliva we are committed to excellence and quality in everything we do.  To achieve this we apply our philosophy to the whole process of producing our oils, from the tree to the table. 


Harvesting at the optimum time, each and every year, ensures you can enjoy our oils in all their splendour.

Our team of engineers check the ripening fruit daily to ensure they are picked at the optimum time so as the precious golden liquid retains the most organoleptic qualities possible.

The harvesting is made by hand with only the help of hand held vibrators, eschewing any other mechanical means, although mechanical means could be more beneficial for the company, it could also undermine the quality of the final result due to the suffering caused to both fruit and tree.



The time between harvesting and pressing is minimal as the mill is located only a few meters from our olive groves, this being an important detail in our obtaining the highest quality oils from our olives.

Extraction is by cold process and after obtaining the golden liquid it is deposited in cold storage where a constant temperature, is maintained all year in tanks from which all oxygen has been removed by the application of inert gases to ensure that the precious golden liquid does not lose any of its organoleptic qualities.



The oil is bottled to order and in a dark glass bottle to avoid the potential harm that exposure to light may cause to our olive oil.