At Beneoliva we dedicated ourselves to providing a wide range of oils that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers; always with the highest quality as our objective. 

Our oils are born in the ‘Vega Baja del Segura’, known as ‘The Garden of Europe’, something expressed in every sense in the working philosophy of Beneoliva.  Authenticity, originality, expression, aroma and above all, a love for the simple things, come together harmoniously to achieve high quality oils. 

This harmony is the result of a labour intensive broad brushstroke approach that begins in the soil and combines artisanal traditions with intensive cultivation adapted to new forms of agriculture which respect the environment  whilst continually monitoring the harvest to ensure the optimum conditions for a superb final product.

Subsequently, a manual harvesting of the crop whilst at it ripest, eschewing any mechanical methods, an immediate transfer to the mill then the extraction of the oil in two phases at a low temperature.  It is then treated with the latest technology and conserved in stainless steel tanks in a protective atmosphere and then packaged when ordered.  All this makes Beneoliva oil a truly special treasure of the Mediterranean.

The result is to be found within each and everyone of our bottles, as attested to by the awards won at various competitions and the recommendations we receive in annual gastronomic guides and from gastronomic organisations.

The result of this work is the wide range of Beneoliva oils ranging from the fresh character and personality of the Oliben and BeneOlive lines to the special stamp of the El Almorsaero range, reaching the highest levels of complexity and excellence in Senorio de Jaime Rosell line.  All of this shows the feeling and way of understanding and interpreting life, the passion for things well done which we have at Beneoliva.