About Us

The Sala-López family are envolved in a wide diversity of business ventures, they have set out their foray into the agricultural and food markets through citric production, expanding their activities into the olive oil market.

Advised and backed by top-level specialists in Spain and Italy, our family business in focused on quality and excellence of our product, expanding this philosophy to all of our business activities and phases of production, this extracts to our suppliers and customers, where customer satisfaction is our goal.

Our business philosophy is focused on a series of commitments deeply rooted inside the organization, which consists of:

  • Quality and excellence without compromise. Quality understood in its widest sense or meaning, from the beginning to the end of the production cycle. This is our way of doing things.
  • Customer satisfaction. Full satisfaction with our end product and services, this is our reason for being.
  • Suppliers compromise. Their success is our success. Mutual cooperation and fluent communication is the way to reach our goals.
  • Team spirit. Everyone that takes part in the making of our Extra Virgin olive oil is highly qualified to carry out their jobs, sharing our aims and goals with customer care.
  • Social and environmental commitment. We really care about what happens aoround us; improvement of our labour, social and environmental surroundings is our investment for future generations.